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Investment Policy

The Company will look to achieve its investment objective by taking an active approach to investments made within the following parameters:

  • Geographic focus: The Company may invest internationally, however its principal focus will be on the UK, Europe and North America.
  • Sector focus: The Company intends to focus on acquiring B2B distribution and business services assets in sectors which exhibit a variety of attractive traits. The Directors consider that opportunities exist to create value for shareholders through a properly executed, acquisition-led strategy in these industries.
  • Target companies: Safe Harbour will target companies with a well-established presence in their specific sectors and which fit into the stated sector and asset criteria and guidelines.
  • Types of investment and control of investments: It is anticipated that the Company will acquire controlling stakes in one or more businesses or companies (quoted or private) together being a single target business on a long term basis. The investments made by the Company could take a variety of legal forms. For example, it may acquire complete control or a majority stake of a business, or form a joint venture partnership.
  • Investment size: The Directors intend that initial funds raised will be used for the purposes of demonstrating credible funding support to potential target vendors, as well as to fund working capital and to undertake due diligence on potential target acquisitions. It is envisaged that the Company’s first acquisition of a controlling stake in a business will be with an enterprise value in the region of £250 million to £1.5 billion.
  • Nature of returns: It is anticipated that returns to shareholders will be delivered primarily through an appreciation in the Company’s share price.

The Company will need to raise additional funds for the Platform Acquisition in the form of equity and/or debt. Depending on the constitution of Safe Harbour’s shareholder register, it is possible that equity fundraising for these purposes will, subject to the necessary shareholder approval, be carried out on a non-pre-emptive basis to allow for the diversification of the Company’s shareholder register and to obtain sufficient equity funding.

The Directors do not currently intend to propose any material changes to the Company’s Investment Policy, save in the case of exceptional or unforeseen circumstances. Any material change to the Investment Policy will be made only with the approval of shareholders.

In accordance with the AIM Rules for Companies, as the Company has yet to make an acquisition within 18 months of Admission, the Company will seek shareholder approval for its Investment Policy at the Company's annual general meeting scheduled for 31 July 2020 and then on an annual basis until such time as there has been an acquisition or the Investment Policy has been substantially implemented. The Directors will, at any subsequent annual general meeting, consider whether to wind up the Company and return funds (after payment of the expenses and liabilities of the Company) to shareholders.